VEX Sack Attack 2012-2013


VEX Sack Attack is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen above. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver- controlled play.

The point of the game is to score the most amount of points possible in both of the time periods. Points can be scored by placing sacks in the one of two types of troughs, either the four main troughs or the two high troughs, or on your starting tile. The color of the through determines the which team gets the points, the starting tiles gaining you 1 point, the low trough getting 10 points, and the high goal getting 15. In addition, there are four gold bonus sacks, which score the team additional points for placing them in their goals, 5 points for the starting tile, 10 points for the trough, and 15 points for the high trough.

The team with the most points at the end of autonomous gains an additional 10 points, and the team with the most points at the end of a match wins.