Our Team


Kieran D’Mello

Head of Online Challenges & Strategist

Kieran Bio Pic

Grade 12 – Iroquois Ridge High School

This year is Kieran’s last year with us. He’s been a great help to all the parts of our team these past 3 years, but is especially prevalent in the Online Challenges section. He comes up with great video ideas, designs and creates good looking websites, and keeps us on track through the year.

Aarish Adeel

Online Challenges & Strategist

Aarish Bio Pic

Grade 11 – John Fraser Secondary School

This year is Aarish’s second year on the team. Aarish has contributed with his exceptional scouting skills. He’s also helped in some graphic design projects such as our button and sweater logos, and has done a fair bit of building last year.

Aditi Bhatnagar

Online Challenges & Strategist

Aditi Bio Pic

Grade 11 – Garth Webb Secondary School

Aditi is on her second year on this team. She has been a major help in organizational matters like documentation, as well as putting lots of work into some of our Online Challenges this year. Aditi has helped out in filming a lot, whether it be taking our team pictures or filming Online Challenge videos.

Zain Lakhani

Zain Bio Pic

Online Challenges & Lead Strategist

Grade 10 – The Woodlands Secondary School

This is Zain’s second year on the team. Last year, he was our A Team’s Head Strategist, and did a fantastic job, and will hopefully do so again this year. Zain’s made many contributions to our Online Challenges team too, working on Texas Instruments, Educational Video, and Game Animation challenges.


Nick Mertin

Head Programmer

Nick M Bio Pic

Grade 12 – Hillfield Strathallan College

This is Nick’s second and last year on the PiLons, but his 4th year in VEX, previously having been on a school team. Nick’s programming skills have been incredibly helpful on our team this year, and can figure out innovative solutions for our robot, leading the team in this department.

Alice Montes

Online Challenges & Strategist

Alice Bio Pic

Grade 10 – Port Credit Secondary School

This is Alice’s second year on the team. She has continuously showed her interest in learning new material by always contributing to Online Challenges and Strategy. This year she has joined build and is taking over our team website by updating and renewing it.

Anjalee Narenthiren

Builder & Strategist

Anjalee Bio Pic

Grade 10 – John Fraser Secondary School

This year is Anjalee’s second year on the PiLons. She contributes many ideas to the build team and has been honing her abilities this past year. Anjalee has spent a lot of time designing and building intakes on our robot this year, and in the past has done scouting as well.

Nathaniel Eichhorn

Online Challenges & Strategist

Nathaniel Bio Pic

Grade 10 – Appleby College

Nathaniel is on his second year with us. He has been a great help to the build, scouting and Online Challenges groups on our team. Nathaniel learns very quickly and has made progress for our Game Animation. His scouting skills have also been very appreciated at tournaments, and will be for tournaments to come.

Nick Rampertab

Builder & Drive Team Member

Nick R Bio Pic

Grade 10 – Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Nick is going on his second year on the PiLons. Nick has been an adamant builder, becoming one of the main builders on our team quickly. He has also been a member of the drive team, working as the in between for us and our alliance and doing his job well.

Qaiz Mohamed

Builder & Drive Team Member

Qaiz Bio Pic

Grade 12 – Port Credit Secondary School

Qaiz is on his second and final year on this team. He’s a very dedicated builder who’s spent many long nights up working on our robot. Qaiz’ calm and collected personality keeps the team focused and on task during important meetings and events, and is a great leader.

Zorawar Gill

Builder & Driver

Zorawar Bio Pic

Grade 11 – Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School

Zorawar is on his second year on our team. He’s put efforts into many different parts of the team, such as his job last year as 5225B’s head scout and a builder. He has also stepped up as our team’s new driver, and has been practicing these past few months.