Success of our Graduates

Of the graduated members on the team, all have moved on to postsecondary pathways and are always looking as to how they can better themselves and expand their robotics knowledge, as well as reaching out into the STEM community. We take pride in our graduates acting as mentors to the team especially the newest members teaching them as much as they can before moving away, or even coming back to share their newfound knowledge.

Amanda Rampertab

Third Year Mechatronics Student at the University of Waterloo

Winner of the Schulich Scholarship, University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship, SME Education Foundation E. Wayne Kay High School Scholarship, and Professional Engineers of Ontario Scholarship in 2014

Former Build & Design Team Member and Head Scout

She was on the team from the start and was there for her remaining three years of high school. She was with the team when they won the World Championship in 2013 and remained the year after to teach us everything she knew about scouting and building a world class robot. With her youngest brother still on the team, she takes the time to come out to our competitions to see what the newest robot looks like and always has suggestions on how to improve the design, scout more effectively, or how to define a more interesting name for a subsystem. As a part of being a Schulich Scholar, Amanda constantly networks in all areas of the STEM fields spreading her love and passion for robotics with anyone willing to listen.

Andrew Strauss

First Year Electrical Engineering Student at Queen’s University

Former Head Programmer

Andrew was a very loved member of this team, not only for his outstanding programming, but for his sarcastic personality as well. He was very fun to be around, and watching him create things like his extremely precise tracking system was always inspiring to watch. Andrew still hasn’t completely left our team just yet, since he still visits from University to come teach us and help us out with the programming, and we’re not sure he’ll ever truly leave.

Anthony Meola

Third Year Mechanical Engineering Student at the University Guelph

Composites & Manufacturing Lead on Gryphon Racing Formula SAE Team

Former Designer and CAD-ist

He was able to take the skills that he developed and preached as our Research and Development Lead and an expert at CAD and apply them to his new found love of cars. Anthony is always the first to answer any questions we have using Inventor to model our robots. He is only a phone call away and we know that we can always receive a reliable answer.

Basil Pocklington

Second Year Bachelor of Science Computer Science Student at the Western University

Former Lead Designer

Basil started his VRC journey in the Toss Up season as a new member and in grade 10 he had a lot to learn. He quickly picked up the power tool skills and mechanical structure of the robot. Oddly enough, he is now enjoying his time at Western University in the Computer Science Undergraduate program. During the summer, he stayed and taught his succeeding members all he learned in his three years on the team.

Chris Lyons

Third Year Bachelor of Arts in Game Design at Niagara College

Former Online Challenge and Media Team Member

He was an integral part of the online challenge and media team while a member of the Pilons. He was forever working tirelessly on whatever script we required next, from voice overs, to graphics, to set up and take down, Chris was the guy. He passed on this enthusiasm to his successor Devon.

Devon Goping

Second Year Bachelor of Music Bass Guitar Student at the Humber College

Several teaching opportunities at Merriam Music

Employee as a performer at Canada’s Wonderland as a Bass Guitarist.

Former Head Scout and Media Team Member

Devon broke the trend of our graduates going into one of the STEM fields. Devon was our head scout for two years and taught our current scouts all they know about strategy and picking the best complimentary alliance. He makes his best effort to come out to all our events and competition and spread his music and energy with the crowds

Eddie Schmidt

Third Year Honours BSC Biology and Chemistry Student at the Wilfrid Laurier University

Granted a Course Scholarship

Received a Summer Lab Research Job

Former Head Builder and Tactician

He always took the time to explain every single detail on the robot. He knew the reasoning for each screw and washer and why it was so precisely placed. He was able to relate closely with each other new members as he at one point knew nothing about build and design and the VEX Robotics Competition.

Ella Rasmussen

Third Year Mechatronics Student at the University of Waterloo

Winner of the Schulich Scholarship in 2015

Captain of the SAE AutoDrive

Former Team Captain, Head Programmer, and Alliance Drive Team Member

Ella is the E-Bots legend! After winning two programming skills championships, the world excellence championship, starting her own youth technology involvement program in our local area, and getting into one of the best engineering schools in the world, you can say that she sure is all of our idols. Ella is always the first person to share any and all information she has learned, whether it is about programming advice or different tidbits of information regarding post secondary paths.

Griffin McLean

Grade 13 Student at Port Credit Secondary School

Former Builder

Griffin helped create lots of ideas for robot designs on the team, and thought way outside the box. As quickly as he created his ideas, he also got building as fast. Griffin was also very essential in training all the new team members in scouting, strategy, and how to choose alliance partners, and was always a cheerful person to be around.

Jacob Rampertab

Fourth Year Mechatronics Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo

Former Head Programmer and Driver

Jacob was the very first driver that represented the E-Bots Pilons at competition. He passed on everything he learned to his successors Sam and it continues to pass along the chain of drivers. Now that Jacob has gone through four years of engineering focused courses, he is able and willing to answer all of the difficult physics questions that we cannot solve with our limited high school knowledge.

Justin Goping

First Year Computer Science Student at the University of Waterloo

Former Online Challenge Team Member

Justin was a great help to both the Online Challenges and strategy side to our team. He helped really develop any ideas for videos we had, and helped in creating a cool game animation idea. On the strategy side, Justin was very involved in organizing and choosing alliances throughout the season as well. Every once in a while he also did some programming, leading him to the program he’s in today.

Kalli Bonin

First Year Mechatronics Student at the University of Waterloo

Former Head Builder and Team Captain

Kalli was involved in just about everything on our team. From being our Head Builder and working a ton on the robot, to managing documentation, finances, and advising the Online Challenge team, she was a very involved Captain. Kalli followed in Ella’s footsteps even in the amazing program she got accepted into, but surpassed her in leadership in a few ways. Kalli still comes back every now and then to check up on us and give any advice on designs we have throughout the year!

Liam Macleod

Second Year General Engineering Student at McMaster University

Former Design & Build Team Member

Liam was always eager to design and share his learning. He would teach everybody and anybody about all things robotics. When we went to events he would be the first one to explain the most complex idea to the smallest of children. Somehow, he made it interesting enough for him to have their undivided attention. He had the team in the same trance, we would always be able to understand the complex physics problems he was trying to solve as he was excellent at explaining all his steps.

Pranali Rathi

Fourth Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Student at the University of Toronto

Former Programmer

Pranali worked in close quarters with Jacob and Ella developing the software to utter perfection. With her younger sister also being on the team for two years, she was able to make it out to our competitions and help us with any quick programming questions we might have. We know that with Pranali, and all of our graduates, they are merely a phone call away.

Sam Rasmussen

Fourth Year Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design Student at the Ontario College of Art and Design University

Former Online Challenge and Media Lead

Sam was, funnily enough, one of the members that wanted absolutely nothing to do with the robot. He devoted his three years on the team to winning and placing in many of the online challenges over the years. Also being a driver for one season, he learned a lot about adapting and picking up the controls and pressure quickly. Sam is a necessary part, especially when it comes to online challenge season, in making sure we go through the required planning and editing to create an outstanding media project.